5 Alternative Uses For An Enclosed Patio

If you are looking for a way to expand your floorplan without incurring costly construction fees, consider repurposing unused areas of your home into more functional spaces. Below are the top five alternative uses for a place in the house that is often unusable during specific times of the year – an enclosed patio.

# 5
– A Home Office

Since the pandemic hit, many people have been forced to work from home. If your living environment is not conducive to business calls and detailed tasks, consider turning patio enclosures in Galion, OH into a new home office.

# 4
– A Kitchen Extension

If you have been looking for a way to expand your food prep area, there is no better alternative than converting a patio enclosure into an outdoor kitchen! A kitchen conversion is also an excellent idea for small business owners who operate a catering or food prep business from their homes.

# 3
– A Home Theatre

If you need a better space to enjoy your favorite programs, consider turning your patio enclosure into a new home theatre. Since patios have ample open space, they are ideal for installing or constructing multiple rows of seating, just like a real cinema! In addition, with wide window spaces, it’s easy to install a screen that’s big enough to premier home movies with friends and family.

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# 2
– Craft Room

If you are a crafty person and need a place to store all your supplies, consider turning your patio enclosure into an indoor workspace dedicated solely to your crafts. Additionally, screened-in patios are perfect for toxic materials that require plenty of air circulation.

# 1
– A Pool House

If your property has a pool, you might be interested in turning a patio enclosure into a pool house that offers storage for pool-related items, changing rooms, and showers.