TOP 5 Cannes – Stéphane Xiberras (BETC Paris)


Stéphane Xiberras, President and Chief Creative Officer of BETC Paris (France), shares his TOP 5 favorite ads of the year on Guess The LionsCheck his advices and if you agree with him, bet on these campaigns: you could win gifts from our partners and benefits will finance a campaign for an NGO!


1. REI – #OptOutside (by Bell & Partners)

“Everything has been said on this amazing campaign. For me it represents all that creativity is about: be where no one expects you to, or even better – do the exact opposite of what’s expected. And please give an extra medal to the people who convinced the client that this campaign was a good idea (hey, you’re going to lose loads of money but believe us, it will be great!).”

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2. Art Institute of Chicago – Van Gogh BnB (by Leo Burnett Chicago)

“Brilliant, clever, opportunistic. I love it when we desecrate art and play with it. It’s a nice change to the typical ultra boring campaigns for museums and operas that no one gives a crap about.”


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3. Burger King – McWhopper (by Y&R New York)

“It has to be one of the best marketing stunts of the year and the perfect PR campaign. It raised awareness for Peace Day and made Burger King even more popular, very clever.”

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4. Harvey Nichols – Shoplifter (by Adam & Eve DDB)

“What an amazing idea (I’m sure it wasn’t easy to find a new angle after the great “Spent it on myself” campaign), and so brilliantly executed (and cheap I’d say!). This one is a real reference in terms of an intelligent campaign. Gold and maybe more I’d say…”

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5. Shiseido – High School Girl (by Watts of Tokyo)

“When advertising picks us, surprises us. That is rare, but there, it makes me feel like in The Sixth Sense: I see Japanese students…”

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Stéphane Xiberras, President and Chief Creative Officer of BETC Paris since 2007, began his career as a copywriter. In 1999, he joined BETC as Creative Director. His tenure as President of the agency has seen the agency win hundreds of awards including Cannes Lions, D&AD, Eurobest, Andy Awards, ADC, One Show and Club des AD to mention a few.

Stéphane is in charge of, among others, the CANAL+ account, and is behind the multi- award winning spot “The Bear” (awards include the Cannes Lions Grand Prix Film Craft 2012). The Bear was the most awarded film in 2012 and in the entire history of the Gunn Report. He is also behind “The Closet” which was the most awarded film of the year in 2010 (Gunn Report). Other CANAL+ films that Stéphane has worked on include the 2006 “March of the Emperor” (ranked 8th Most Awarded Ad Worldwide, Gunn Report 2006) and more recently, “Unicorns” that came out in 2015.

BETC Paris was founded in 1994 and has today 750 employees, with renowned clients such as Air France, Peugeot, Lacoste, evian, Louis Vuitton and McDonald’s. Over the years, the agency has built up expert entities in different fields, such as BETC Digital, BETC Pop, BETC Luxe, BETC Design and BETC Content. Recognised for twenty years as a leading agency in terms of creativity, innovation and effectiveness, BETC holds a unique place in the industry.

Stéphane is also the inventor of CAI (Creative Artificial Intelligence), a unique software robot that creates ads and effectively demonstrates the downsides of the industry. In 2010 he founded BETC Academy, the agency’s internship programme that runs twice a year during two months, offering young talents the opportunity to develop through senior mentorship and to work with actual clients.

In 2012 Stéphane founded the BETC Start Up Lab, a commando unit within the agency, exclusively dedicated to start-ups. The aim of the lab is to see new companies grow faster, stronger and sooner. By applying the agency’s knowledge of brand storytelling to their product or service, the lab helps them transform into brands and build a value platform.

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