TOP 5 Cannes – Peter Ampe (DDB Brussels)


Peter Ampe, Executive Creative Director of DDB Brussels (Belgium), shares his TOP 5 favorite ads of the year on Guess The LionsCheck his advices and if you agree with him, bet on these campaigns: you could win gifts from our partners and benefits will finance a campaign for an NGO!


1. Burger King – McWhopper (by Y&R New York)

“I have mainly chosen ideas that could only have been done by audacious clients. Mc Whopper is such an idea. Launched on Peace Day, this is probably the most unorthodox peace message ever given. It started with a letter to McDonald’s and ended with a new product, the Mc Whopper. This integrated approach means Mc Whopper can win in a lot of categories, ranging from flat mailing to integrated campaigns. It’s a campaign that can even win in ‘product design’, depending on how you interpret this category.”

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2. Klarna – Smoooth (by DDB Stockholm)

“Chances are you have never heard of Klarna before. Well, Klarna is one of Europe´s leading companies for online payments. Why should you care? Well, next week everyone will be talking by Klarna. Their TV campaign is definitely one of the outsiders who can win big time this year. They have 3 commercials that will blow you away visually. From a strategic point of view, I’m probably making a mistake selecting a TV campaign, as they can only be entered in the category ‘film’. But, hey, I could simply not ignore this marvelous piece of craftsmanship.”

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3. Pink Ribbon – Check It Before It’s Removed (by DDB Berlin)

“Clever use of censorship. It sounds like a new subcategory, but it’s just how you best describe this stunt for Pink Ribbon. Great idea and great execution. Also the only non-profit campaign in my list. I can imagine how nervous the creatives must have been when it launched, because the success was dependent of the prudishness of Facebook and Instagram.”

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4. Volvo – Highway Robbery (by Grey New York)

“Print and Outdoor used to be very similar, they only differed in size. Nowadays, it looks like print is still being used in a classical way, while Outdoor is reinventing itself. We’ve seen water producing billboards, billboards making the city smarter, smartphone donation billboards, and now there’s this car charging billboard. How? Volvo used a custom peristaltic pump and placed it over a Southern California roadway. When vehicles drove over the pump, it generated electricity which was used to power the electric XC90 T8 model. To top it off, a digital billboard thanked each driver for generating power for the new vehicle. Adding wittiness to technology.”

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5. REI – #OptOutside (by Bell & Partners)

“So simple it hurts. And again an idea that takes an audacious client. The outdoor retailer took a brave stand on the biggest retail day of the year, by closing the day after X-mas and paying its 12,000 employees as though it were a regular workday. Why? “So they can do what they love most—be outside.” A great social gesture. And totally on brand.”

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Peter Ampe, Executive Creative Director of DDB Brussels, is one of those rare creatives that has a palmares combining both Cannes Lions and Effie Awards. In the last 10 years he has won 25 Lions and 11 Effies. Add to this a Grand Clio, a Grand Prix at Eurobest and Gold awards in every major award show to make him one of Belgium’s most successful creatives of the last decades. Ampe started out as a journalist and only entered advertising in his late twenties. This still has influence on how he thinks: he hates traditional advertising and he’s only happy if an idea is both successful for both the client and the agency. Ampe has been part of many global award show juries, including Cannes Lions, Clio, New York Festivals, LIA and Eurobest.

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