TOP 5 Cannes – Pascal Nessim (Marcel Paris)


Pascal Nessim, Co-CEO of Marcel (Publicis Groupe), shares his TOP 5 favorite ads of the year on Guess The LionsCheck his advices and if you agree with him, bet on these campaigns: you could win gifts from our partners and benefits will finance a campaign for an NGO!


1. Squatty Potty – This Unicorn Changed The Way I Poop (by The Harmon Brothers)

“Because I admire the guy who had to fight against every other person in the room to make it happen. It’s clearly the most brilliant viral hit from last year.”

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2. UBS – Age Catches Up With You (by Publicis Switzerland)

“Talking about retirement without throwing the same old pity party is so refreshing. Everything is perfect in these spots, from the insights to the understated acting.”

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3. ‪Reese – #AllTreesAreBeautiful

“Reese is always a good pick and tackling your weaknesses even a smarter move. These guys taught us all a lesson about turning social media complaints into your advantage.”


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4. Bonds – Testicles (by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne)

“Simply because I still can’t believe no one ever thought about it before. Of course balls have a soul. Actually, one each.”

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5. Swedish Tourist Association – The Swedish Number (by Ingo Stockholm)

“It’s difficult to follow up on a saga. And Sweden is actually getting better and better.”

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Pascal Nessim, Co-CEO of Marcel (Publicis Groupe), is 39 years old and a self-taught.

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