TOP 5 Cannes – Nicolas Bordas (TBWA\ Europe)


Nicolas Bordas, Vice-President of TBWA\ Europe and President of BEING Worldwide, shares his TOP 5 favorite ads of the year on Guess The LionsCheck his advices and if you agree with him, bet on these campaigns: you could win gifts from our partners and benefits will finance a campaign for an NGO!


1. Burger King – McWhopper (by Y&R New York)

“What if Peace Day was ending a burger war?”

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2. Swedish Tourist Association – The Swedish Number (by Ingo Stockholm)

“What if any Swede could be called ?”

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3. Nissan – Intelligent Parking Chair (by TBWA\ Hakuhodo)

“What if your chairs could smartly park?”

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4. Harvey Nichols – Shoplifter (by Adam & Eve DDB)

“What if there was no more reason to shoplift?”

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5. REI – #OptOutside (by Bell & Partners)

“What if Friday was not black anymore?”

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Nicolas Bordas, is Vice-President of TBWA\ Europe and President of Being Worldwide. Founder of the agency BDDP & Fils, Nicolas was President of TBWA\ France from 2004 to 2013 and President of the Communication Consulting-Agencies Association (AACC) from 2009 to 2011. He is the author of The Killer Idea, a practical guide “for those who haves ideas and wish to spread them,” published in English in 2011, and in Chinese in 2016. He extends the discussion begun in his book on his blog He also teaches Branding at the Sciences Po Paris School of Communication, and is the first and only LinkedInfluencer in France with over 150 thousand followers. You can also follow him on Facebook to get one Killer Idea (almost) every day :!

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