TOP 5 Cannes – Jesús Revuelta (ex Ogilvy Costa Rica)


Jesús Revuelta, Freelance Creative Director (ex creative leader at Ogilvy & Mather Costa Rica), shares his TOP 5 favorite ads of the year on Guess The LionsCheck his advices and if you agree with him, bet on these campaigns: you could win gifts from our partners and benefits will finance a campaign for an NGO!


1. Burger King – McWhopper (by Y&R New York)

“It’s not the first time Burger King takes advantage of a special date to make a strong social statement. They did it great with “Proud Whopper”. But now, they’ve gone even further. They had a clear and agile path of responses to any possible situation. Probably, the best example of reactive -but planned- communication I’ve seen. And, peacefully, they won a battle.”

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2. Swedish Tourist Association – The Swedish Number (by Ingo Stockholm)

“Nobody will sell or explain a country better than their inhabitants. In a world full of digital platforms to find information, to call randomly any Swedish sounds like magic and human. So simple. So direct.”

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3. ING – The Next Rembrandt (by JWT)

“Despite it could seem a complex data gathering strategy, they just got the average person painted by Rembrandt, to paint him, right? Mmmm… No. It’s not just data, but data + story. The story of men attempting to create a new masterpiece of on of the greatest painters who died four centuries ago. It’s sounds like a breakthrough to me.”

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4. Getty Images – Endless Possibilities (by Almap BBDO)

“They are telling by doing. They don’t explain, but demonstrate the benefit in a simple piece of paper. Isn’t it what Apple achieve last year with World Gallery?”

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5. Momondo – The DNA Journey (by &Co)

“The insightful though “the best cure to racism / nationalisms is travelling” told in a new emotional and rational way.”

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Jesús Revuelta is Freelance Creative Director based in Madrid. In 2013, Jesús became the youngest general creative director in Ogilvy Latina. During the 2 years he leaded the creative department, Ogilvy & Mather Costa Rica was named Agency of he Year in the country for the first and second time in its history. Works of his teams at Ogilvy & Mather Costa Rica and DoubleYou Barcelona were awarded at Cannes, El Ojo, El Sol or Effie in different categories: cyber, direct, promo & activation, media, effectiveness, integration. He has worked for brands such as Nike, Claro, Vodafone, ING Bank, Nestlé or amongst others. Now, he is working for businesses and agencies as a Digital & Integrated Freelance Creative Director:

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